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Robin Foster’s genealogy book, My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, gives the steps to perform an oral history interview and use historical records to research ancestry. Her experience in presentations and genealogy is described below.

Robin is a member of the South Carolina Genealogical Society – Columbia Chapter.  She helps people discover their ancestors through research and presentations.  Most recently, Robin presented for Merck & Co., Inc., on February 16, 2022.  She participated in the panel discussion “Tracing Black roots: The process, challenges and emotional journey of exploring ancestry” hosted by The Charlotte Observer.  On May 14, 2022, she will participate in Jamestown’s African American Genealogy Workshop at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. Robin presented at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society in February 2021.  In March 2021, she gave the presentation How I Found My 3rd Great Grandmother to the New Jersey Chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. Also, she taught how to research via FamilySearch.org for the Grand Strand Genealogy Club of South Carolina in April 2021.

In addition to presentations at libraries, museums, and the above, Robin has heightened the awareness of genealogical and historical resources through social media. Her Facebook group members at GenealogyJustAsk interact and successfully tackle very challenging genealogical questions. She was selected as Family Tree Magazine’s “Social Media Mavericks: 40 to Follow”​ in 2014 for her effort in sharing genealogical information on social platforms. Also, she is the co-founder and owner of Genealogy! Just Ask!

My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry


My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry will assist beginners and researchers who feel they need to start over. This is the first in a series of books that will walk you through getting an oral history interview, using historical records rather than family trees for proving research, and making sure you remember to include the things expert researchers have admittedly forgotten. You will avoid the common pitfalls many seasoned researchers have fallen into such as what to do when you find a photo that you would like to use or making sure you tell the most important family history–your own! Become proficient with where to look for resources that match where your ancestors lived and when they lived in a particular place. I have answered thousands of questions from researchers around the globe. This series will enable you to help yourself.

“History allows one to understand the present and semi-predict the future. Personal history is also important as it holds the key to many characteristics one exhibits. When we research the past generations, this is genealogy. Robin R. Foster helps the budding genealogist understand what it means and how to do genealogy. She has a wealth of experience, starting with her family research in 1985. Since then, she has learned how to research genealogy and has spent many hours helping and teaching others more refined skills in doing research. In My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, Robin shares how to begin and go deeper in researching your family. In addition, Robin shares her wisdom as a caring guide who wants to see the reader enjoy exploring and becoming familiar with their family history.

In My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, Robin R. Foster warns of the pitfalls and potholes on the road to finding out where you came from. She encourages you to work through the supposedly dead ends and continue to where you have thoroughly researched and found all there is to know about your family. Robin emphasizes the importance of documentation. Too many family historians fail to document, and their work is soon forgotten. Robin also shares how to find documents when there seem to be no documents. I started learning about genealogy in the late 1950s and early 1960s under the tutelage of my paternal grandfather. He had already made the family tree back to the 1640s. Robin’s book would have been a terrific addition to his teaching. Today, researchers have the added advantage of online research. Read this book for encouragement and inspiration.”–Readers’ Favorite

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