My Best Genealogy Tips by Robin R. Foster

author robin fosterMy Best Genealogy Tips will give you a vast overview of everything I have learned from researching my family. Since 1985 in Joliet, Illinois, I have been researching both sides of my family. I began with my grandparents and moved to my aunts and uncles then to my parents’ cousins. My husband and I had one daughter. Because I grew up with all that family, I wanted my daughter to have those close relationships too.

Moving to South Carolina

My research has had a big impact on her. She can tell some of same stories told to me by grandparents from both sides of the family. In 2005, she was 13 years old. It became time to meet my mother’s cousins in South Carolina.

Soon, I would discover the choice to move to South Carolina came to be the best decision I ever made. Besides meeting so many cousins, I regularly patronized South Carolina Department of Archives and History and the Richland Library. I was overjoyed because Adrianne married BJ Benjamin from Gadsden, SC, the place that my grandparents once lived.

Benefits of Researching

I learned from the best while serving as a missionary for FamilySearch. At the same time, I served in the Columbia SC family history center and traveled around South Carolina doing presentations for genealogical societies. Serving at the Greenwood SC family history center and the Lawrence Genealogy and Local History Room in Greenwood, SC became essential to establishing relationships with the genealogy community.

Researching has enabled us to set foot in:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • DeSoto County, Mississippi
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Yellow Springs, Ohio


Because I have been taught to serve, my life is filled with assisting others My Best Genealogy Tipsin-person and online all the while answering many hard questions posed to my groups at Genealogy Just Ask.  They are the reason I am making available my first book, My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry.

I am often answering questions about how to interview family members, where to get genealogy resources, or how to find a female ancestor’s maiden name. The list goes on.

I have so much to share. In My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research Ancestry, I hope to satisfy
those of you who can appreciate what you will learn from me there. I also hope to meet new friends who want to also learn from me.

COMING 11/9/21

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My Best Genealogy Tips: Quick Keys to Research

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