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“Emerge: A Symphony of Resilience” is a heartwarming tale of community, courage, and hope. Set in the charming town of Sommerville, it follows three central characters: Jonathan, Sheila, and Xavier. They come together to protect their community amid personal struggles and a series of unexpected events. 

When crises threaten Sommerville, Jonathan, Sheila, and Xavier rally their neighbors to confront the challenges. While uncovering secrets, they rely on each other’s strength to overcome the odds. Their journey reveals that the true power of community lies in facing hardships together.  “Emerge: A Symphony of Resilience” celebrates the human spirit and the transformative power of community, reminding readers that with friendship and resilience, no challenge is insurmountable. This is the final book in the Woman’s Soul Series.

Release Date: 8/6/2024

Soulful Verses: Chronicles of Life, Struggle, and Redemption


“Soulful Verses: Chronicles of Life, Struggle, and Redemption” is a poignant collection of poetry that delves into the depths of human experience. Through introspective reflections and powerful imagery, the book explores themes of suffering, identity, social justice, and spiritual awakening. Each chapter unveils a different facet of the human condition, from the existential questioning of existence to the fervent search for meaning and empowerment. The verses capture the raw emotions of individuals grappling with adversity, oppression, and the quest for enlightenment. Ultimately, “Soulful Verses” offers a journey of self-discovery and resilience, inspiring readers to confront their own struggles and find hope amidst the complexities of life.

Release Date: 4/9/2024

Journey from Africa to Achieve the American Dream



In “The Journey from Africa to Achieve the American Dream,” embark on an incredible odyssey of courage, determination, and unwavering faith. This transformative non-fiction book shares the captivating story of the author—a resilient African immigrant who defied the odds to achieve the American dream. Through personal anecdotes and profound insights, the author reveals the essential ingredients for success in America and imparts invaluable wisdom to readers facing their own challenges.

This book offers a roadmap to triumph, emphasizing the importance of setting ambitious goals and pursuing them with unwavering zeal. Drawing from his own experiences, the author unravels the obstacles faced by immigrants, providing practical strategies to overcome them. From adapting to new technologies and navigating racial complexities to giving back to the community, this book delves into the multi-dimensional aspects of achieving the American dream.

With over four decades of living in the United States, the author’s wealth of experience qualifies him to guide readers toward success not only in America but anywhere in the world. This remarkable journey inspires hope and resilience, highlighting the significance of education, adaptation, and perseverance. “The Journey from Africa to Achieve the American Dream” is an empowering narrative that offers invaluable insights to all those who yearn to turn their dreams into reality, reminding us that with courage and hard work, the American dream is indeed within reach.

Release Date: 12/12/2023



“The Roots of Violence” is a gripping and thought-provoking novel by Gloria L. Foster. Through the intertwined stories of Sheila, Jonathan, Valencia, Allie, and Mary, the book delves into the deep-rooted issues of violence, systemic injustice, and trauma. As they navigate their personal struggles and form powerful connections, this diverse group of individuals embarks on a transformative journey to address the underlying causes of violence and create a more equitable society. With compelling characters, timely themes, and a call to action, “The Roots of Violence” is a poignant exploration of resilience, unity, and the pursuit of justice in a world yearning for change.

Release Date: 12/5/2023

That's My Name! Say It Right! book cover



In “That’s My Name Say It Right!” by Adela Villalpando, an accomplished teacher, young readers embark on an engaging journey through the alphabet. Each letter introduces a name from a vibrant and diverse cultural background, capturing the beauty and uniqueness of names from various corners of the world. With vibrant illustrations, this captivating alphabet book not only teaches children their ABCs but also instills a sense of respect, empathy, and cultural appreciation. “That’s My Name Say It Right!” is a must-have addition to every child’s library, fostering a love for language, diversity, and inclusivity from an early age.

Release Date: 11/14/2023

Hidden Secrets front cover



In “Hidden Secrets,” we follow the life of a man who undergoes a dramatic transformation that changes his entire outlook on life. He must navigate a world that is constantly changing, full of surprises and challenges that push him to his limits. As he grapples with the changes that have taken place, he begins to realize that his newfound abilities can be used for good. He discovers a sense of purpose that he never knew existed and becomes passionate about helping others. However, the path to his newfound purpose is fraught with danger and obstacles. He faces personal struggles that test his strength and resilience and must make difficult decisions that have consequences for both himself and those around him.

Throughout it all, he learns the importance of perseverance and the value of keeping secrets. He discovers that sometimes, the truth is not always what it seems and that hidden secrets can have a profound impact on the world around us. “Hidden Secrets” is a gripping and emotional tale of self-discovery and redemption. It is a story about the power of transformation and the resilience of the human spirit, as one man’s journey leads him to discover hidden depths within himself and to use them for the greater good.

Release Date: 11/7/2023

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