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Dr. Olean Hardaway Scott has two books published with Global Publishing Solutions, LLC, thus far. Her most recent book, Journey to Freedom: The Pathway to Forgiveness, released on December 21, 2021, is a fine instrument for the Christian’s daily struggle in dealing with forgiveness. If you have not forgiven others for past hurts, Journey to Freedom will bring closure to your pain and peace to your life.

In Dr. Scott’s young adult fiction book, Mille’s Diary, the main character, Millie, explains the deep secrets of life from the eyes and wisdom of a child as she grows up in the world around her. Dr. Scott is an accomplished author of several short stories, producer, playwright, and songwriter. She writes and composes children’s music. As a poet, she is listed in several anthologies. She has one book of poetry. Her mentor Gwendolyn Brooks was Poet Laureate of Illinois. She is a former teacher for the Chicago Board of Education. She has an honorary doctorate degree. She is an ordained minister of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. She resides in Chicago, Illinois.

The Pathway to Forgiveness


This book is written especially for those seeking a way out of bondage. It allows all to be free, regardless of where you are. The Journey to Freedom has answers that allow peace and solace from the very first page. Get started on the road to health, peace of mind, and success in the life God has given.

Journey to Freedom front cover

Millie’s Diary


Millie’s Diary is for children who love the gift of words and imagination. In Millie’s Diary, you will find hopes and dreams turn into something colorful and full of life-giving energy, encouraging children to excel to the highest heights and know that there are no limits when they believe in themselves. This book will allow children to express their feelings and be inquisitive.

The main character explains the deep secrets of life from the eyes and wisdom of a child as she grows up in the world around her. Daily journal writings help to keep Millie focused. Millie is a child of today. She looks inside matters of the heart. Millie defines and presents truth as it is, with a brilliant photographic image of how children should live. Her character speaks on many levels as she grows up and experiences different facts of life. She waits to see change come to a world in desperate need of love and unity.

Millie is a Black 12-year-old girl from Gary, Indiana. She has two sisters and a brother, and they all live with their mother; their father has died. Millie doesn’t have much, but she maintains gratitude for what little she has. She has one friend, Rosa, who moved away recently. Though she misses Rosa, she doesn’t let that get her down and eventually desires to make new friends. While knowing that her dreams may not come true, Millie still dares to aspire to achieve great things and hopes that she can influence other children to dream big as well. She is hopeful for a time when all children are able to live in luxury, excess even-and she hopes that children will have the drive and opportunities to grow up and achieve. Via her diary entries, readers get insights into Millie’s thoughts about herself, her experiences and life circumstances, her family, and society.”-Kirkus Reviews