Jeffrey MacSporran as his name suggests lives in the wet and picturesque countryside of Scotland.
Before he started writing, Jeffrey graduated with a degree in Scot’s Law from the University of Dundee. Due to having spent much of his early life travelling due to his father’s military career, Jeffrey developed an interest in ancient history.
When not working, Jeffrey will often be found behind a desk, painting miniature armies to recreate battlefields of the past and future.
A longlist finalist entry in the 2021 Page Turner Award, Praetor’s Blood: Shattered Peace is Jeffrey’s first novel.
Praetor’s Blood: Shattered Peace is a young adult fiction book and the first in the Praetor’s Blood series. Set in a timeline where the Gods of Greek mythology would use mortals as pieces for their games, it introduces the reader to the two main characters, Princess Selesia of Artlars and Field Marshall Archean who have been unknowingly chosen as the latest pieces.
As one is pursued by assassins due to the betrayal of her uncle, the other discovers a plot to overthrow the government by an unknown enemy. Surrounded by enemies, unsure of their allies, whilst receiving visions of a woman in green, the novel details their respective struggles during their separate but linked journeys.

Praetor’s Blood: Shattered Peace


During the Age of Heroes, Gods would use mortal souls as pieces for their games, games which would decide the fate of the world. But as their latest game neared its conclusion, it was interrupted by the sinking of the island of Atlantis, an event which forcibly separated the ancient world in two, those of mortals and those of myths.

Now, millennia later, Princess Selesia, the Crown Princess of the mythical Kingdom of Artlars and Field Marshall Archean, a war weary survivor of the Third World War, are chosen as the pieces for the Gods latest game.

Separated by unfathomable distance and time, but bound by ancient prophecy, their separate but interlinked journeys could decide the survival or destruction of their worlds.

“Praetor’s Blood: Shattered Peace is a work of fiction in the fantasy, mythology, and adventure subgenres. It is intended for the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Jeffrey MacSporran. Told in six arcs of storyline, each with their own complexities, underlying themes, and driving actions, this truly epic science fiction, and fantasy tale takes on some of the most challenging and mysterious concepts that mythology has ever unfolded to us. In a not-so-distant future, Princess Selesia, the Crown Princess of Artlars, and battle-weary war survivor Field Marshall Archean take the helm as central protagonists. Chosen by the gods as significant pawns in their latest game, these two figures could either reunite the worlds of mortal and mythical beings or destroy both worlds in the process.

Readers who are seeking an in-depth, high concept, and action-packed fantasy novel to get lost in for days on end need to look no further than this truly lavish work by author Jeffrey MacSporran. One of the greatest triumphs of this tale is, perhaps surprisingly, in its structure, which gives it an episodic nature like the many series of a popular tv show. This really enabled me to keep diving in and binging through the chapters to see what would happen next, and all the while an enormous and cataclysmic story arc was brewing in the background and making things even more exciting. I also found the descriptive quality of the work to be second to none, allowing me a visceral and cinematic sensation as each new vista was revealed to the audience. Whilst the narration was a little tricky to follow at first, it’s one of those novels where familiarity with the cast and the storytelling style becomes its own reward. The more I read, the easier it got to stay hooked into the world and the emotional arc of the characters, and by the time it ended, I really didn’t want it to. Overall, I would highly recommend Praetor’s Blood: Shattered Peace for fans of mythology-based action-adventure novels and those seeking a talented new fantasy author to engage with.”–Readers’ Favorite