<strong>DR. ROSIE RUSH</strong><br>

Evangelist Dr. Rosie Rush is an associate minister of Christian Valley M.B. Church. She has served as assistant pastor to Senior Saint Outreach Church. Both churches are located in the Chicagoland Area. She has served as Academic Dean of the Living Word Outreach Full Gospel College and School of Ministry in Chicago Heights and the teaching staff. Evangelist Dr. Rush has been in the teaching ministry for more than 35 years in various capacities.

Evangelist Rush holds an associate degree in Biblical Studies, a bachelor’s degree in Theology, a master’s degree in theological studies, and a Doctorate of Ministry. She is also a representative for the 3rd ward coalition of Chicago Heights.

How to Stand Firm in Troubled Times


How to Stand Firm in Troubled Times will encourage the hearts of everyone—those who have had to stand firm and those who will have to stand firm. In all of our lives, some storms will come, and some winds will blow, but knowing how to be anchored in the storm is a blessing that only God can prepare us for.

The Bible uses an anchor symbolically to represent the hope we have as the anchor of our soul. When the storms of life flood the Christian with fear, worry, doubt, or disappointment, he or she can hold onto God’s promises and find stability in the salvation Jesus has provided. No matter what happens, God’s promises remain. He does not want His children to be set adrift, but He wants them to be fixed in a secure place. Just as an anchor that grounds a ship to protect it from going adrift at sea, so does our hope in Jesus who keeps us grounded and secure during the difficult times of life.