Adela Villalpando came from a family of ten. Because she was the second oldest, she had to take care of all of her siblings. That is where her love for caring and nurturing children began.

Adela lives in a small town called Elsa, Texas. This little city is located in the Rio Grande Valley. She has lived there for most of her life. While she was growing up, her family would migrate to California during the summer to work in the fields. A few years later, after her high school graduation, she married her loving husband, Manuel Villalpando.

The couple has been blessed with four children, Melinda, Nicolas, Rodolfo, and Victor. Adela has two grandchildren as well, named Matthew and Christian. The family has tried to make time for each other, and they have created many memories over the years.

Adela has been associated with children throughout her life. She worked for Head Start as a classroom teacher, center manager, disability coordinator, and family coordinator. She was also active in the community and taught bible classes to children for several years. Adela has always been intrigued with children because they are so honest and funny.

She has been teaching pre-K and kindergarten for the past fourteen years at Monte Alto I.S.D.

Monte Alto is a very small community where everyone comes together to help those who are in need of some sort of assistance.

It has been a dream for Adela to be an author, and her dream is becoming a reality with her first book, That’s My Name! Say It Right! As an educator, she plans to continue writing books. She would like to inspire children and adults that they are capable of fulfilling their dreams if they work hard at it.

That’s My Name! Say It Right!


In “That’s My Name Say It Right!” by Adela Villalpando, an accomplished teacher, young readers embark on an engaging journey through the alphabet. Each letter introduces a name from a vibrant and diverse cultural background, capturing the beauty and uniqueness of names from various corners of the world. With vibrant illustrations, this captivating alphabet book not only teaches children their ABCs but also instills a sense of respect, empathy, and cultural appreciation. “That’s My Name Say It Right!” is a must-have addition to every child’s library, fostering a love for language, diversity, and inclusivity from an early age.e, Mary, Valencia, and Sheila were pretty occupied with their lives. They were working, partying, and moving on, drama-free. Everything seemed to be going linear. At least that’s what they thought. And for a while, it was even true.